November 24, 2019

A lot of adults struggle to get to sleep these days. Whether it be your mind is racing, your not comfortable, you bladder wakes you during the night or you have young children. Quality sleep is vital for our everyday functioning. The keyword being quality sleep. If you...

The most common feedback I get from new patients is that they have never heard of an osteopath but their friend or family member raved about osteopaths so they thought they would give it a try. Or they have tried physio, chiro's (I do believe the other professions have...

Clicking, grinding, popping, pain, numbness, weakness, swelling, giving way...the knee can cause a variety of types of pain. There can be a multitude of causes to knee pain, making a thorough case history and examination vital to addressing knee pain. 




Following on from my previous blog on acute pain & my acute neck & shoulder spasm, I want to express the importance of maintenance treatments.

What is a maintenance treatment?
So you have been seeing your osteopath after your recent flare up of pain, but now the pai...

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