How can an osteopath help you through pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be a joyful time but unfortunately can bring some unwanted aches & pains. Osteopaths work closely along pregnant mother's to guide them through the process and alleviate those unwanted pains. These aches and pains can be from mechanical causes like the growing baby putting strains on muscles, joints & ligaments and/or from all the hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy. Osteopaths also like to work along side expectant mother's before these issues arise to try to prevent them occurring in the first place.


Common complaints:

- Headaches

- Reflux

- Back pain

- Rib pain

- Pelvic pain

- Sciatica 

- Difficulty sleeping 

- Constipation


Osteopaths also offered tailored advice to expectant mum's on exercises that are best during pregnancy and what exercises to avoid. Pelvic floor exercises can be very helpful to help support the growing baby. Daily exercise of gentle walking is a great way to build muscle and help avoid aches & pains. Stretching can also be very beneficial if done correctly and tailored to the individual.


Osteopathic treatment:

Osteopathic treatment is gentle and tailored to suit the individual. Osteopath's use a variety of techniques including; stretching, joint articulation, muscle energy techniques, joint manipulation, deep tissue massage and so on. Tailored advice is given about exercises, stretches, lifestyle medications, work station setup's, sleeping posture and so on. 

Sarah Boughtwood is an osteopath, based in Milford, Auckland, specialising in treating pregnant women. Osteopaths are ACC registered and work closely along side your midwife or obstetrician.