Do you sit all day?

November 30, 2015


A common complaint seen in clinic, is neck and back pain. Due to the sedentary nature of our current lifestyles, this can mean an increased amount of time spent sitting per day. For example watching TV, driving and computer work. Some of the negative effects of sitting all day include; weight gain due to a slower metabolism, increased risk of cardiovascular disease.


Take note of how you sit...Slouched, spine twisted, legs crossed, neck tipped forward. Ways to correct your posture include; having a straight back, legs and knee's kept shoulder width apart, shoulders relaxed and not rolled forwards.


Tips for sitting all day


Take regular 'micro-breaks'- Every 20 minutes, reset your posture, stand up and sit back down. Every hour or so, get up and walk to the bathroom (any short distance) and back. Refreshes your mind and sitting posture.


Engage in regular exercise- There are many benefits to regular exercise and reducing the effects of prolonged sitting is one of them.


Stretching- Break up your day with some simple stretching





Try a stand up desk- Whilst it may take awhile to get use to, there are many benefits for your posture, health, muscles and increased circulation. A stand up desk may not be practical for everyone but worth a go if possible.


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