How to survive Christmas

That festive time of year, with only a few weeks until Christmas, here are some tips to guide you through.


Get outdoors- Gather family and friends, a cricket set or ball and head outside. Getting active outside can not only be good for your physical health and burn off all the delicious Christmas food, but it can also be a special bonding exercise with loved ones.


Communicate- Christmas with loved ones can be both special and stressful. If certain situations are stressful, communication with your partner or loved ones can be the key to a successful or stressful christmas.


Put technology away- Take the festive time as a break from technology. Create a goal for yourself of only checking your phone and social media, once a day or even less, a dayc. Focus on quality time with loved ones.


Don't over endulge- With December and January being a time of bbq's and festivities, mind your waistline. Try incorporating health meal options, for example fruit skewers instead of chocolate. Watch portion sizes as this can often get over looked during the festive season.


Unwind- With most people on holiday over the christmas season, take the time to unwind. Find a new book, go for a walk, relax at the beach, visit friends and family and most importantly take time out for yourself.


Don't over extend yourself- Whether it be finances or visiting lots of family, enjoy the holiday. It came become very stressful visiting various groups of family on christmas day. Is there an alternative? Spread the visiting out, over a few days. 


Breathe- Breathing using your diaphragm is a simple way to relax and calm yourself. Place one hand on your chest and the other on tummy. When you inhale/breathe in your tummy should expand and your chest raise forwards. When your exhale/breathe out your tummy should tighten and chest relaxes to its resting position. Find a quiet room or space and try this simple breathing method for 10 minutes.

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