Life in moderation

February 23, 2016


Today's society is full of stress and pressure. We all know to eat well and exercise but fitting that in to our busy schedules can be difficult. One of my favourite quotes is "life in moderation". Simple, yet for me so true. A small amount of chocolate, every now and again is fine but daily blocks of chocolate is not a healthy option. No exercise is not good but the extreme other end of the scale is harmful as well. I do not advise my clients to take up 6-7 days a week of physical exercise with no rest days and long sessions at the gym. The body needs to rest and recover and over doing exercise can be harmful. I do however advise clients a small amount of exercise is not only good for the physical body but clearing the mind, boosts energy, improves your mood, promotes better sleep and increases our endorphins.


Start small...Want to make changes but it seems overwhelming? Making a small change allows you to actually achieve your goal. For example going for a 10minute walk twice a week is achievable but trying to achieve 5x 60minute sessions a week is a big task. Some personalities are very 'all or nothing' and doing 5 days a week is more suited to them, but your not one of those people a small, more achievable goal is a better option. 



- Increase the amount of water you drink, carry a drink bottle with you or always have a glass of water on your desk.


- Small 10-15minute walks 2 days a week, slowly increase the duration and number of days a week. Aim to build up to 45-60minutes, 4-5 days a week.


- Change after dinner sugary treats for a piece of fruit.


- Make time for yourself, this can be anything...walking around a shopping mall, meeting a friend, going for a walk, watching your favourite program. 'Me time' is very important as we generally put everyone first before ourselves.


- Decreasing meat consumption. New Zealanders typically eat meat in excess. The recommendations are roughly 300g of meat a week. 






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