Ways to warn off the winter colds


This time of year, there is a huge increase in colds and the flu. There are many simple ways to help try avoid getting sick and from passing on any germs.


Keep Warm

In the past week the temperature has definitely dropped. Wrap up and keep warm. It is time to bring out those winter coats and boots. Don't forget the umbrella! 


Wash your hands!

Apart from the obvious bathroom use, before meals and after being in public and less hygienic places, remember to wash your hands. Have you been around others who have a cold and are coughing? By keeping your hands clean, you are less likely to catch any bugs that you may have come into contact with. Most bugs are carried through the air and being sneezed on won't help, but washing your hands can help avoid some spread of bugs. Bugs can be transmitted via our mouth, eyes and noses. 


Keep up with your vitamins

Ask your local pharmacist about a multivitamin that will help give you an extra boost to fight of any colds this winter. Also support with a good diet and increased fruit and vegetables. Winter is a great time to make vegetable soups, perfect on cold days. Probiotics are always a good immune system boost, especially if you have needed to take antibiotics. They help with the gut bacteria and your immune system. 


Drink plenty


Always have a glass of water sitting on your desk and carry a drink bottle with you. Keeping up your fluids, keeps you hydrated and helps your immune system. 



Rest is very important to allow our body to recover. Whether you are sick or healthy, quality sleep is vital. Have a read of my sleep blog on ways to get a better nights sleep. 


Keep active

Although winter can make it hard to exercise, try change up your exercise type to suit the weather. Regular exercise aids your immune system and helps fight out illness. 


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