Do you suffer from elbow & forearm pain?

Tennis Elbow, RSI, overuse....Elbow pain is a common presenting issue to Osteopaths, that affects a wide range of people. There are so many hobbies, occupations and working environments that can cause elbow pain, including; using a computer mouse, playing tennis, gardening, typing, cellphone use and hands on professions e.g. Plumber, builder, electrician, hair dresser, massage therapist. Elbow pain is characterised by the overuse of the forearm muscles causing pain into the forearm + hand + upper arm. The overuse, most commonly leads to the diagnosis of 'Lateral Epicondylitis'. This means where the forearm muscles attach to the elbow joint bones, via their tendons, inflamed and degeneration is created due to overuse. The forearm extensor muscles mostly attach (via a common tendon) to the outside of the elbow, thus creating pain over this area when over used. 




- Slowly increasing pain over the outside (lateral) elbow & forearm

- Aching or burning sensation in the elbow or forearm

- Pain that is worse with carrying heavy objects or doing repetitive movements e.g. typing

- Pain referring into the hand or upper arm

- Weak grip strength

- Pins & needles, tingling or weakness in the hand


How to self manage your pain

Your Osteopath can advise you which ways will be most effective in self managing your pain. This may include rest and applying ice to the painful area. They may also recommend some life style change to help relieve the pain. An example might be the way your computer is set up at work, using your mouse in the opposite hand, having regular breaks to allow your muscles to rest. Regardless of whether you have pain regular breaks at work are important. Prolonged sitting and any sustained postures are not good for you. Frequent (short) breaks allow you to rest, reset your posture and give your brain a micro break, creating a fresh mind. 




















Osteopathic treatment is always aimed at identifying what is causing the pain both physically and lifestyle wise, to reduce the pain and try prevent the pain from reoccurring. Treatment to the elbow is aimed at reducing muscle tension, increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage, improving the mechanics of the surrounding areas and tailored advice to suit the patient. 


If you are suffering from elbow pain, book in or contact us to resolve your symptoms now! 





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