You tripped and rolled your ankle


Ankle sprains are very common. Your walking along and trip, stand on something unevenly, fall down a few steps, playing sports...there are so many scenarios that rolling your ankle can happen without your preventing it. Symptoms of a sprained ankle can include: pain, bruising, tenderness, unability to walk on that foot & swelling. Spraining the outside (lateral) ankle ligaments is the most common. Ankle sprains are graded 1-3 depending on their severity. Grade 1 is a mild sprain, grade 2 involves partial tearing of the ligaments and grade 3 is a full tear. 




Ways to treat an ankle sprain


Rest- Don't spend all day standing (weight bearing), give yourself breaks, to give your ankle a chance to heel. On the flip side don't rest all day. Gently move your ankle to keep the blood flowing and encourage drainage.


Compress- Firm compression to the area, with a support bandage can help support the ankle, control the swelling and help prevent further damage. Make such the bandage is not too tight, cutting off the blood supply.


Elevate- By elevating your foot, you are assisting gravity, improving the drainage of the inflammation and swelling in the ankle. Have your foot elevated slightly higher than your heart.


Foot pump- This can be done with sitting watching tv, at work, or when elevating your foot. Gently pump your foot backwards and forwards. This is aimed at improving the circulation, assisting drainage of any swelling and decreasing inflammation.


Osteopathic treatment- Treatment given to the ankle will not only address the sprained ankle but any other symptoms that may arise from the sprained ankle. For example if you are walking lop sided to avoid the painful ankle (antalgic gait), addressing any issues in the lower back or opposite leg, ensuring the inflammation is able to drain adequately back towards the heart. Once suitable specific exercises can be given to improve the ankle stabilty and help prevent any additional ankle sprains.



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