Spring into summer

September 8, 2017


It is getting warmer and summer is definitely on its way! A new month and season is a great time to set new goals and challenges for yourself. I always advise my patients to set, small achievable goals, rather than something too big, which your unlikely to continue or isn't realistic. 


Some examples of goals:

- Going for a walk at lunch time

It doesn't have to be far but getting out at lunch time can help mentally refresh you and make for a more productive afternoon, not mention fitting in some exercise to your day. 


- Having a smoothie at afternoon tea instead of a processed, sugary treat

Smoothies are an easy way to up your daily intake of fruit and vegetables. My go to smoothie is spinach, frozen berries, banana and water. 



- Going to bed before 9pm

Many people do not get enough hours sleep per night. Sleep is vital for survival and getting a decent nights sleep should be a priority. Try going to bed earlier and getting 7-9hours per night.


- Drinking more water

An easy way to up your water intake is by having a glass on your desk or carrying a drink bottle with you. 


- Taking up a new hobby

Not all goals need to be health related. A new hobby could be a great way to unwind, make new friends or learn something new. 


- Spending less time using social media 

Try only checking social media a few times per day. Remove social media app notifications so they don't constantly pop up on your phone. 


- Eat more green vegetables


- Getting off the bus a few stops early or parking further away from work to fit some exercise into your day


- Drink less alcohol


- Have healthy snacks on hand















Goals that are simple and small are more achievable and can be something that turns into a habit. If you 'fall off the wagon' don't punish yourself, just start again. Once you achieve one goal, add in another goal or challenge. 






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