Incorporating fitness into your day


Exercise is well documented to be good for you, yet we generally do not prioritise it into our day. Exercise can be hard to fit into your day but there are many ways we can increase our physical activity without involving a gym. 



Benefits of exercise:

- Weight loss

- Builds muscle

- Helps prevent diseases/illness

- Improves your mood

- Boosts your energy levels

- Promotes better, quality sleep

- Can reduce pain 



How do I fit exercise into my day?

- Park further away from where you are going

- Get off the bus a few stops earlier

- Go for a walk at lunch time (your brain will be much productive in the afternoon) or in the evenings

- Use family time to get out and go to a park, the beach, bike park

- Join a sports group, start attending pilates or yoga classes

- Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, make it a walk instead


Exercise does not have to be in a gym or complex. Even if its 10 minutes of walking, that is better than nothing. Choose a type of exercise you enjoy. The easiest way to stick to something is to enjoy it! 







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