How strong is your back?

Ever considered how strong your back is? With poor posture becoming more prevalent, back strengthening exercises might be very useful to you. These can be done anywhere, you do not need a gym membership and fancy equipment. 



Side bends

This can be done with a weight (milk bottle, can of bake beans etc) or without a weight. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms by your side. Shoulders are relaxed, core/tummy muscles are tight. Tip to one side & hold for 5seconds & return the beginning position. Repeat 10 times each side.








Get down on the ground, on all 4's. Keeping your back straight, with a neutral curve in your lower back, knee's hip width apart. Engage your core/tummy muscles, then place one hand behind your head gently and slowly rotating your elbow faces towards the ceiling. Repeat 10 times per side.







Back Extensions 

Lying on the floor, arms by your side, shoulders relaxed. Engage your core/tummy muscles and gently raise your torso off the ground. Be careful not to strain your neck. You do not need to rise up very high. Repeat 10 times.



Always consult your health physician if you experience any pain during these exercises or have any concerns 



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