Pain in my elbow!


Last weeks most common type of pain in clinic was elbow pain. In particular 'tennis elbow' or lateral epicondylitis to be precise. This refers to pain located on the outside of your elbow. Tennis elbow is an overuse injury, due to a repetitive movement. Lateral epicondylitis refers to inflammation of the common tendon of the extensor muscles in your forearm that are responsible for aiding moving your hand. ​Typically the elbow pain is called tennis elbow as the motion of swinging the tennis racket is the most cause, but there are a variety of causes. 




The main cause is overuse of the forearm muscles. This can come from any activity; tennis, painting, typing and so on. It is the repetitive motion that causes the inflammation & pain.



- Pain in the outside (lateral) forearm + elbow

- Weak grip strength of the hand

- Symptoms worse with activity using the hand & forearm



- Rest

- Stretching 

- Avoiding activities that worsen your symptoms

- Compression bandage around your elbow to take strain off the forearm muscles and tendon

- Forearm extensor muscle strengthening exercises

- Spiky ball, place the spiky ball between the outside of your elbow and the wall and gently lean in towards the wall




Osteopathy & Lateral epicondylitis 'tennis elbow'

Osteopathy can significantly aid the recovery from 'tennis elbow'. Treatment is aimed at relieving and muscle tension on the elbow joint, loosening tight muscles, improving blood & lymphatic flow to the area to aid drainage of any inflammation. Your osteopath will also treat the neck, shoulder, arm & upper back. Strengthening exercises and stretches will also be given if appropriate & tailored advice to lifestyle changes that will aid a faster recovery. 







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