What is all the rage around standing desks?

Personally I highly recommend standing desks. Sitting all day is not ideal but to be honest neither is standing. Any position for extended periods of time, ideally is to be avoided. The advantage of standing desks, that either wind up and down or are electric, is the ability for you to change positions frequently. I do not have a set recommendation as this varies per person, but for example you could do 40-60minutes standing then 20minutes sitting. It is the changing of position that is important and moving. Being stationary for extended periods is what is to be avoided. By changing positions and moving, you are engaging muscles, improving your circulation and lymphatic drainage, changing (and hopefully correcting) your posture and so forth. 


How to use a standing desk

This image shows how not to use a standing desk (image on the left) and how to correctly use a standing desk (image on the right). Have your screen at a height that means you are looking straight ahead, not down. If you use two computers do you mostly use one? If so put that computer directly in front of you and the other to the side. This means you are not constantly turning your head in one direction, even if only 10degrees, it all adds up. Have your keyboard directly in front of your, but not too close. Allow your elbows to rest of the desk and be conscious that your shoulders are relaxed, rather than raised up to your ears. 


Key points

- Changing position vs standing or sitting for too long

- Have your computer screen at eye level to avoid looking down

- Keep your forearm and shoulders relaxed











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