Who woke up with a headache today?

Headaches are one of the most common complaints presented to osteopaths. They can also we one of the trickiest to find the root cause as there often can be multiple causes. There are many ways to naturally try tackle a headache before reaching for pain killers.


Headache natural solutions:

- Water

How much water do you drink? A very simple solution can be upping your water intake. This does not mean juice, tea, coffee and so on. If plain water is not your thing, try adding a piece of lemon. To increase your water intake and to remind yourself, place a glass of water on desk.

- Fresh air

Sleeping with your window open a fraction, allowing fresh air into your bedroom can help prevent waking with a headache. During the work day, make sure you get outside, away from the air conditioning. 

- Eat

Seems odd to say, but skipping meals can cause headaches as you are starving your body. What is the point of working though a meal break if it results in a headache?

- Go for a walk

Again relating to fresh air, but away from the hustle and bustle, a 10minute walk outside can be enough to clear your head. 

- Get your eyes tested

Even if you do not wear glasses, having your eyes tested regularly can help determine if your headaches are caused by eye strain. By not seeing properly you are straining your eyes and most likely to be sitting with a terrible posture.

- Be aware of your posture

Become aware of your posture, how are you sitting, standing, walking, leaning and so on.

- Spiky ball

For those who own a spiky ball (I sell them in clinic), place the ball over a sore area of the head and push your head into the ball. 



Osteopathic treatment 

Muscles and joints of the head, neck, back and shoulders can easily cause headaches if they are tight, joints are restricted and so forth. Osteopaths work to release these areas and in turn reduce the pain and any other symptoms relating to your headache. Your osteopath will also help you identify what might be causing or adding to your headaches and ways to resolve this. 


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