What to do in that instant acute pain occurs

September 28, 2018


Only yesterday I was reaching forward to pick up my daughters drink bottle on an awkward angle and my neck instantly went into spasm. From zero to 8 out of 10 pain, in an instant. This triggered me to think how best, in that moment can you relieve your pain.


1- Find a position of ease

This may be a gentle stretch of the sore region or holding the area on a particular angle. It might not feel like a 'natural position' that you are used to but if it starts to relieve the pain, for small periods hold that position.




2- Keep moving

Prolonged rest can cause the inflammation to build up and actually cause further pain once you go to move again. This does not mean you can not sit down all day but lying on the couch for extended periods is not recommended. 


3- Move the area around

Whether this means gently rolling your neck, circles with your ankle, gently pumping your hip or knee, lying on your back and hugging your knee's to keep your lower back moving, gently keeping the area moving helps blood flow, lymphatic drainage and decrease pain. 


4- Always seek medical advice

It is always best to seek medical advice if you are unsure what to do with your pain. Having it checked out can be a sense of relief and make sure it is not something that needs further medical advice.


How can Osteopathy help your acute pain

Osteopaths work towards finding the cause of your pain, reducing the amount of pain you are experiencing, increase the range of mobility, increase blood flow & lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation (Inflammation is not a bad thing, but the bodies natural response but can cause pain in itself). Osteopaths can also refer you for ultrasound or X-ray's if needed. You may also be referred to a specialist if required. Tailored advice is always given, which may include; stretches, sleeping posture, work posture, heat/ice, exercises and so on.  






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