Do I need a pregnancy belt?

February 16, 2019


Does every pregnant person need a pregnancy belt? Simply, no. They are a very good support for those that need them but not everyone does. 'Smiley belts' are very popular and have their place, but if you are considering using one, speak to your midwife or health professional first. A few osteopathic treatments and you may not even need a belt.


The purpose of the belt is to provide stability & support to the area that is sore & unstable. The instability might be due to hormonal changes, making excessive ligament instability and creating strain on the local muscles. Your health professional will be able to assess if you need a belt, or whether treatment +/- exercises at home will be enough.


The downside of a belt is it 'switches your muscles off', aka it does the work for your muscles for you, thus creating the extra support. In some cases this is necessary but ideally given the correct stretches and exercises, you can build up the muscle support that you need. It could simply be going for a short walk each day, pelvic floor exercises and so on. 


Not all belts are created equally. If you need a belt, seek professional advice, who can also show you how to wear it correctly. 


Sarah is a pregnancy specialist. If you are suffering from aches and pain, book online today!










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