What to do when a headache is weighing you down


Headaches are a very common presentation to osteopaths. There are many ways you can try relieve a headache.


1- Hydrate yourself

Most of us do not drink enough water. Try having a glass or bottle with you all day. Have a glass sitting on your desk at work and aim to drink one an hour. Do not wait until you feel thirsty, keep your fluids up.


2- Eat

Seems simple but a lot of people do not eat an adequate breakfast. A coffee for breakfast, with no food is not a nutritionally ideal way to start your day.


3- Avoid your food & drink triggers

Keep a food diary to see patterns that develop of foods or drinks you have consumed and headaches that follow. Common causes are coffee, chocolate, cheese, but these are individual to each person. 


4- Get a good nights sleep

How old are your pillows and mattress? Do you wake feeling refreshed or like you need another few more hours of sleep? Are you waking a lot during the night? Getting a good nights sleep affects so many aspects of your health, so make sure you are getting the most restful sleep as you can. Go to bed earlier, especially if you have to wake up early.


5- Exercise

Get outside and go for a walk. A light walk, with some fresh air will help your headache a lot. 


How can osteopathy help headaches?

Your osteopath will work with you to try identify the cause of your headaches; diet, stress, hormones, lack of quality sleep, eyes (prescription might need updating) and so on. Also most headaches have a muscular and joint component. Largely this steams from the neck, shoulders and back. Your osteopath will also assess how you breath, as upper rib breathing will influence oxygenation, which has huge knock on effects. 


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