The importance of maintenance treatments


Following on from my previous blog on acute pain & my acute neck & shoulder spasm, I want to express the importance of maintenance treatments.


What is a maintenance treatment?
So you have been seeing your osteopath after your recent flare up of pain, but now the pain is all gone. Do you stop seeing the osteopath all together, as your pain free or do you have 'maintenance' appointments? This is entirely up to you but from learning first hand the importance of maintenance appointments, I do truly recommend you book a follow up, maintenance appointment. The frequency and time between those appointments is very individual. For example I see a lady with severe arthritis in her shoulders every 3 weeks to keep her going and able to do normal activities of daily living. For most people who are not older and suffering from arthritis I would recommend a maintenance appointment every 4-12 weeks. This is a very case by case situation and discussed with the patient. 

The purpose of a maintenance appointment is to keep your body working as well as possible, so next time you slightly trip, twist awkwardly or roll your ankle, you are far less likely to get an acute, painful injury. Some injuries are not avoidable but keeping your body (muscles, joints and so on) in the best possible state, is your best chance at avoiding acute injuries. Would you rather have a maintenance appointment once every 4-12 weeks or have an acute flare up of pain and need to come for a series of sessions? Financially maintenance treatments are far better. 


Sarah is a North Shore based osteopath, specialising in treating pregnant women but also treats everyone else in between. Osteopathic treatment, is a form of hands-on physical therapy, treating the whole body, not just the presenting symptoms. Tailored advice is given which can include; lifestyle changes, stretches, exercises, work station setup, sleeping tips and so on. Book online or email to make an appointment 






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