When to see an osteopath during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a special time in a women's life. Sometimes unwanted aches & pains can occur making pregnancy less enjoyable. Sarah specialises in pregnancy care, treating pregnant women and making them as pain free as possible. Treatment during pregnancy however is not limited to when/if you experience pain. Osteopathic treatment is safe at any stage of pregnancy and can be used as a way of preventing aches & pains from occurring.


The body goes through a vast number of physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Preventative treatment is aimed at making sure the body is adapting well to all the changes and the mother is comfortable. Different stages of pregnancy can cause a variety of aches and pains. These can be a combination of hormonal changes (mostly relaxin and progesterone) and biomechanical changes eg change in centre of gravity, increased body weight, swelling and so on. 


Some aches & pains include;

Neck pain

Headaches & migraines

Rib pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Back pain

Pelvic pain

Hip pain

SPD - Symphysis pubis disorder


Digestion issues

Restless legs syndrome


After birth is also a great time to see an osteopath, as your body begins to return to its 'pre pregnancy state'. During the first few months after pregnancy your hormone levels return to normal, other hormones rise in relation to breast feeding and your body starts to return to 'normal'. Aches and pains can occur postpartum which may be related to your birth or adapting to motherhood.


Some aches and pains after birth;

Pain related to birth

Shoulder & neck pain

Lower back pain

Weak core muscles

Abdominal pain - Uterus contracting to 'normal size' or diastasis recti

and so on


Osteopathic treatment


A safe, effective form of hands-on, physical therapy that is tailored to the individual needs. Specific advice is given where appropriate, which may include; stretches, exercises, life style modifications, extra pillows during sleep and so on. Treatment is not isolated to the area of pain, osteopathic treatment assesses and treats the entire body, aiming to identify and treat the cause of the pain, rather than just the symptoms. 


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