- vlog forearm stretch -

Here is my favourite forearm stretch, which is much easier to demonstrate than explain.

• vlog - Neck stretches •
Some simple neck stretches that can easily done at your desk. Gently tip your head to one side & hold. You can tip your head slightly forwards &/or backwards to target other neck muscles too 

• vlog - Lower back exercises •

Suffering from a sore lower back? Trying these mobility exercises to loosen your back. Hug your knees into your chest & tip your knees side to side slowly. Next twist your knees left & right. Then rock your knees in a circular motion

• vlog - Neck stretch • 
This weeks vlog is a simple neck stretch. Simply tilt your head to one side & use your hand to guide the movement. You should feel a gentle stretch on the opposite side of your neck. Hold this stretch for ideally 30+ seconds per side. To add to this stretch, slight tilt your head forwards or backwards to target different parts of the muscles

• vlog - Shoulder Exercises • 
Therabands are great for resistance training and stretching. These are some simple exercises you can do 

 • vlog - Stretch Post Thigh •
This week’s vlog is using a theraband to stretch the back of your leg. Start by placing the theraband (or towel) behind one foot, gently pull the theraband towards you. You should feel a pull behind your knee or thigh. Hold, gently release & repeat

• vlog - Ankle strengthening and mobility  •

Ankle mobility and strengthening, using a theraband. Try isolating the movement to your ankle. Increase the tension in the theraband the make it harder. This is perfect if you have sprained your ankle before and it needs strengthening

• vlog - Jaw pain •

Do you suffer from jaw pain? Try this simple exercise to relieve your pain. Open your mouth, gently pull your jaw down, clench your jaw muscles & hold for 6 secs. Relax, gently pull your jaw further down & again clench your jaw muscles for 6 secs. Repeat a total of 3 times

• vlog - Glut's •
This week’s vlog is on bottom/glut muscle strengthening. This group of muscles can be weak, tying into lower back pain, hip & pelic pain, instability and so on. Lying on your side, raise the top leg towards the ceiling, keep your tummy tight & only lifting your leg 10-20cm off the ground to avoid your lower back moving. Mix it up with turning your foot towards the ceiling and towards the ground

• vlog - Desk Stretches  •

Some simple stretches for your neck, shoulders and wrists that can be done at your desk. Start by tipping your head to one side, guiding your head with your hand. Swap sides and repeat. Next roll your shoulders, both forwards & backwards. Next put your palms together in front of your chest & push down

• vlog - calf muscles •
Who has tight calves? A simple way to relieve that calf pain is by using a spiky ball or foam roller. Place the ball into the sore area of muscle and slowly move up and down. Change the angle of your leg to get into other parts of the muscle

- vlog - Neck stretches -

Got a tight or stiff neck? Try this simple neck stretch. Gently tip your head to one side and use your hand to guide the movement. Hold this position for 30seconds. Then tip your head forwards to target other neck muscles. Again hold for 30seconds. Finally tip your head slightly backwards & hold for 30seconds.

• vlog - Core exercise • 
Core exercise/pelvic tilt. Lying on your back, knee’s bent, lower back flat on the floor. Curl your pelvis so your lower back presses firmly into the ground and then release. You can place your hands on your hips to guide this movement. Once you have established this, you can further increase this exercise by raising into a bridge. To start curl your pelvis, so you lower back touches the floor, maintaining this pelvic position slowly lift up into a bridge position. Relax back down then relax to your pelvis position