Sarah Boughtwood has her Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Osteopathy and went on to complete her Masters in Osteopathy. She was drawn to becoming an osteopath after seeing the benefits of treatment to a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues. Sarah was also intrigued by the holistic side of Osteopathy and could see the advantages of addressing the whole body and patients life circumstances, rather than just the area of pain. She likes to help patients identify other areas that could be influencing their pain for faster results. These could include; work posture, stress and diet.
Operating out of Milford on the North Shore of Auckland, Sarah has a particular interest in pregnancy care and back pain. Many women believe pregnancy aches and pains are 'just part of pregnancy', but Sarah works closely with expecting mothers and their midwives to make pregnancy as comfortable as possible. Common aches and pains in pregnancy include; headaches, neck pain, reflux, shoulder pain, insomnia, back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain and muscle strains. During pregnancy, the body undergoes huge changes in posture and weight bearing, which can cause strain on surrounding joints, ligaments and muscles. Treatment is gentle and tailored to individual needs. Sarah also treats many post-partum mothers to assist during recovering from birth and adapting to motherhood. It can take a while and guidance to adapt to lifting and carrying your newborn, manoeuvering car seats, learning to breastfeed and adapting to being sleep deprived.
Back pain is another speciality of Sarah's, with most occupations being sedentary, there is an increasing number of patients experiencing back pain. Tailored advice is given to patients to aid a quick recovery and aim to prevent further injuries occurring. Whilst sitting in most cases cannot be avoided, taking regular breaks can have a huge, positive impact on back pain. 
Sarah enjoys spending her spare time with her family, playing sports and socialising with friends.
Her thesis investigated the global body effect of a stretching effect to the hip.
Address: Milford Natural Health Clinic, 50 East Coast Road, Milford, North Shore, Auckland.


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